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Alex Quinn quinn
Apr 28, 2022
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i read on the 'announcment and faq' sections that support for halo 2 anniversery has been added to the unarch tool. nice i extracted files but then i tried the geomorph tool and the .tpl files from halo 2 anniversary dont work, it says they are an unkwon format does this mean that halo 2 anniversary uses a slightly different .tpl file form then the rest of the master cheif collection? also i tried middle earth shadow of war, and it extracts but i cant view the files or export them, or import them to blender, it simply says its in a file form the software dosent recognize - i could swear i saw them somwhere on the list but that might be me misremembering things and has there been some kind of update to aliens firteam to prevent it working with unarch at all? i apologize if i'm simply missing a step here or somthing

Alex Quinn quinn

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