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Mighty Busts Collection

Popular fictional characters in history, coming to life together in one project.

Mighty Busts Collection is a project that gathers all kinds of characters from all kinds of fictional universes and brings them together on your desk. We brought a wide range of characters in one project so you can get your beloved characters' busts as 3D models and print them as you want without any trouble dealing with supports.

This collection and its catalog have been forged in the depths of our minds and taken its shape over months and years. We gave our best to give you the best collection that you can have in terms of character and model quality. Each one is chiseled out in time for them to have the best detail that you can imagine. Whether you call it the heroes of your dreams or the worst thing in your nightmares, we're sure that you'll be impressed.*

*(You can find the copyrights of the characters below the Stretch Goals section)

Darth Vader(Supportless Printable)

Kratos On His Stand(Supportless Printable)

Predator w/His Stand(Supportless Printable)

The characters you see in the pictures above have been prepared by us and can be printed completely without support. And for this cause, we separated some characters into parts of two(like head and body). However, this support-free feature is only valid for the first 12 busts, all the busts in "stretch goals" will be pre-supported(For resin printers). And for the FDM printers, we'll give you the most optimal instructions to print it effortlessly. In this way, we prevent our backers from dealing with 3d printing supports and wasting time.

A piece of brief information about the process:


All these busts are in .stl format and each has 3 sizes (6cm, 10cm, 15cm,) and each has its own stand.  And all other pieces will be compatible with their three corresponding sizes. When our supporters choose a package to support us, we ask them for their Gmail addresses, so at the end of the project, we will be able to present the contents of the package they support to them via google drive.

We 3D designed 12 super high-detailed and high-res busts of some of the characters that reside on the top of different universes. 

We also took the trouble to make additional bust stands for these magnificent characters for you to display them more freely and more gloriously. With a little ancient but at the same time modern design, we put a lot of work into this section for your busts to look as glorious as they can. And with every stretch goal, we'll design a new bust stand for the theme. 


The bust cuts are made in the most optimal way so you can get a good look at every detail on the characters' torsos and faces. The super high resolution references that we found and pulled out (w/ Unarch Tool and w/Geomorph Tool) of the video games ourselves are used for detailing besides other techniques like sculpting, modeling, and displacements for very tiny details. We gave our everything in terms of time and expenses in trying to catch the most optimal point between preserving the details, model integrity; and support optimization. And we'd love to go on with this passion granted if you love this project as we do.

Kratos 10 cm support-free resin printed on his stand

Darth Vader 15 cm support-free printed on his stand

So we'll start to continue making these amazing characters as soon as we can supply our budget needs. You can find more about it as you progress through the page.

Your printings are coming to life. In addition to our collection, we designed a board game that you can enjoy with your favorite characters' 3D printed busts. You can make them come to life with this chess-based game. You'll have to use your mind at its full capacity to think of a strategy to beat your opponent, or you can still play it casually with no strategies and have fun! The goal here is to enjoy commanding your favorite characters in one game which you won't be able to achieve anywhere else. It's a Competition of All-Stars!

The Tabletop game render

All the essential parts of the "competitive all-stars" game.

The game is chess-based. Ergo, it's a two-player game. You'll play it on an 8x6 checkered vertical board, which is designed by us. Each side has five units, which include a chief, two guerillas, and two cavalries. Guerillas can advance in a straight line two squares max at a time and they start at the right and left edges of the board. Cavalries can advance only diagonally two squares max at a time and they start one square near the left and right edge. 

You'll be able to determine which units will be guerillas and which will be cavalries. Chiefs will be the leaders of the team, they'll have the most power and most moving capacity which is straight and diagonally but one square at a time. In addition, whether you put the chief on the right or left square at the beginning of the game changes the whole situation and potential of the chief; wait for the rule guide for more details which will be published in PNG format to donators. And chiefs will have secondary variations with their ultimate abilities in each stretch goal as we progress through the project. (Scroll down for more details)


In addition, each character will have its own statistics and we will inform you with the character cards that we have published as png.

Sample character card

All the essential parts of the "competitive all-stars" game.

Sample character card

You will need to have these character cards on the table while playing the game, so we will share these cards with you in png format, nine simultaneous printables, on one A4 page.

And of course, we do not want to forget the amount of health of the characters during the game, so we designed a "health counter".

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